Autumnal Foliage And Loch, Wester Ross, Scotland

Deeply hidden in the Scottish Highlands one can find a true photographic gem which will offer lots of photo opportunities year round. But in autumn it will shine in full glory.

It was an utterly uncomfortable morning in the Scottish Highlands with lots of rain. Our workshop leader Simon Baxter has taken us to one of the landscape gems tucked away somewhere in Wester Ross. The fall colours were peaking and the overcast sky made everything look even more vibrant than in pure sunshine.

Sunshine however is a rare commodity in Scotland, but that’s okay. We knew what we were up to before booking the workshop.¬†

Simon is one of the best in his genre: Woodland Photography. This is a very special type of landscape photography that can bring even well seasoned photographers to despair when they fail to see the forest for the trees.

The main difficulty is to bring order to the visual chaos.

In this case the composition was straightforward. The circumstances were just too good, the view to the forested peninsula was too perfect. In the adjacent parts of the woodland however, each composition was a constant struggle with chaos and distractions.

What, at first glance, might look like a cheesy postcard image will suddenly come to life in a large print.

Hundrets of intricate details will draw the viewer deeper and deeper into the image and thus will recreate the whole experience of being there at the very moment.

Take a look at the enlargements of the image and enjoy being¬† immersed in a Scottish woodland in autumn…

Technical Details...

Camera: Sony A7rIV
Lens: SEL70200G
Date: October 20, 2019
Time: 09:10 h
Shutter Speed: 1,3 sec.
F-Stop: f/8
Focal Length: 132 mm
ISO: 100