About the artist

Holger Broschek (born 1973 in Friesach) grew up in the small town of Ebreichsdorf, not far from Vienna. From 1991 he attended medical university in Innsbruck, and at the same time his interest in photography started to grow.
He taught himself the basics of photography long before the digital age would change it forever. Starting with a 35mm camera, he soon proceeded to medium format and finally large format cameras.
The choice of the film format profoundly influenced his choice of subjects to be photographed, starting his passion for landscape photography.
After the digital revolution it became more and more difficult to obtain the necessary materials for the classical darkroom work – the time has come to switch to digital equipment. Now Holger Broschek mainly uses his trusted Sony Alpha 7 series cameras to produce his photographs.
The detailed fine prints are made with a Canon large format printer, utilizing pigment inks that easily rival the analog processes regarding color gamut and archival stability. Once again, the choice of his equipment influenced his art: while in the analog days he produced only black and white prints he now works in color as well.

Since 2007 Holger Broschek took part in numerous exhibitions in Austria.

His books “The American Southwest”, “Tanzania” and “Tanzania revisited” are available on Blurb.com