In the weeks of early summer Englands Lake District presents itself in perfect shape. The lovely landscape with its rolling hills and glistening lakes shines in countless shades of green, when the warm sunlight awakens the world after a long and cold winter.

Incessantly singing birds accompany the lambs on their first steps on the lush green meadows and bright carpets of beguilingly fragrant wildflowers complete the image of an archetypal british landscape which is idolatrously revered by residents and visitors alike.

When the midges disappear in late October and the tourists have returned to their homes, the best time to see Scotland in bright autumnal colours has come. 

Of course my camera will always accompany me, for even short walks just off the roads offer magnificent impressions.

I was able to capture some of them and they will hopefully enrich the gallery.

Christmas is not far away and my yearly exhibition is open from November 17 to December 17 in the small town of Rust near Lake Neusiedl.

I will be there to answer any questions about my photography or just for a short chat.

You can take a look at all images on display here.