All photographs are printed with a Canon printer using high quality pigment inks.

Black/White photographs are printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta Paper. This paper has a satin finish reminiscent of the silver gelatine baryta papers used in the darkroom.

Colour photographs are printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper with a matte finish and a pleasant surface texture reminding of the finest water colour papers.

All used materials will correspond to highest archival standards.

The photographs are available in open editions signed on the front.

Since the rendering on a computer monitor cannot be compared to viewing the original fine print, it is recommended to visit one of the upcoming exhibitions to see framed prints up close and enjoy the vibrant colours as well as the fine details.


If you are interested in bespoke customized prints like high gloss prints on polished aluminum or extra large panoramic prints on canvas please feel free to contact me:


Digital cameras have made photography reliably easy, however sometimes it lacks the right feeling. From the very first click of the shutter, darkroom work has played an important role in my photography. Some compositions are a perfect match for the ancient Platinum/Palladium printing process. Devised in the 1860s, this alternative printing process combines some unique tonal, haptic and archival properties.

The required chemicals are extremely expensive and the process itself requires many steps to be completed in perfection in order to produce the rare and sought after Platinum/Palladium prints so I will offer them only in editions of 15 prints.

Price List Platinum/Palladium Prints

All Prints are handmade on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper.

Each composition is available in a limited edition of 15 prints in the following sizes:

  • 20x30cm 250,- EUR

    Prints number 1 to 7, framed 40x50cm

  • 30x45cm 500,- EUR

    Prints number 8 to 12, framed 50x65cm

  • 40x60cm 1000,- EUR

    Prints number 13 to 15, framed 60x80cm

All prints feature a bevel cut overmat and will be framed in aluminum frames.